GIS training

A full ArcGIS online training programme from 1/2 day to 2 days incorporating a progressive set of skills to embed GIS into your schemes of work.  Blend and signpost GIS into learning from KS3-GCSE and onto GCE.

Fully supported by a ESRI support materials, with pre and post-fieldwork support if required.

Assessment advice

Support on testing across a all key stages and help with understanding the new the AO’s (Assessment Objectives) for both GCSE and GCE as well as meaning in command words.


Delivering quality sample and scaffolded answers to match you exact specification requirements – working with both staff and students.

Fieldwork support

Offering specialist fieldwork advice to support with planning and delivery of geography fieldwork for GCSE 2016 across all Awarding Bodies.

Also support for the Individual Investigation (NEA) for GCE Geography 2016.  Let us help you to manage the fieldwork and to support with ideas for projects in a range of physical and human environments.




We have been writing books, fact-sheets and magazine articles for years! We also author various electronic and web-based resources. Need us to write something for you?

Geography photographs for publishing

We have a large library of geographical images for textbook publishers that can be used.  These include classic geographical landscapes, UK and overseas, as well as a large collection of students working, including fieldwork and fieldwork equipment.  We can customise GIS images for bespoke usage.  Please contact us.

Integrated curriculum and stetch and challenge

We have experience with a range of customers of delivering strategies to integrate humanities programmes and move towards a more “thinking” curriculum model.

We can also support and help develop specialist programmes of study to stimulate young minds and to help to develop geographical interest.

Working overseas

Full support can be offered at your school including overseas locations including Europe, SE Asia and the Middle East. Training and coaching can also be delivered remotely (e.g. twilight) using Adobe Connect for a bespoke solution to assessment, GIS or other requirements.

Statistics and quantitative skills

A full programme of training and support in quantitative skills is offered linked specifically to the new requirements of GCSE and GCE.  Teachers and students can be supported in terms of a variety of statistical tests as well as understanding cartography and general numerical competencies.




“David sculpted a bespoke day of training for us that perfectly matched our needs and pace of learning. We picked up practical and directly applicable teaching tips and strategies. By the end of the day, we were able to do things with ArcGIS that we never thought ourselves as capable of”

St Marys Colne Dan Curran, Head of Geography, St Mary's Colne

“Can I say once again how useful the day was. Probably the most useful training I’ve done since I went on the new CA GCSE training back in 2010-ish!”

Kate Walters, Head of Geography/T&L Developer, The College of Richard Collyer

Richard Collyer College

“We had support to help us improve our approach to GIS.  We were very pleased with the quality of the training which represented good value for money rather than going on a whole department organised INSET.  We also booked additional support to help the students prepare for exams and to do an internal audit of our controlled assessment procedures and practice”.

Jeanne Denyer ATTL for Humanities to Lead Geography, Denbigh High School, Luton

Denbigh High School

“As teachers, our Geography Department has benefited from guidance on resources and up-to-date websites and approaches to research. Work with students on past papers, marking exercises and advice on how to dissect questions, has inspired confidence in our students and helped the department in its planning.”

Anne Stevenson, Head of Geography, German Swiss International School based in Hong Kong.


“David Holmes has been providing us with excellent geography fieldwork support, advice and training for over 15 years.  He always has a keen focus on our needs and is very professional in his approach to working with us”.

Nick Lapthorn, Manager Nettlecombe Field Centre (FSC).

FSC Nettlecombe Court

“I’ve just been digesting our results and I need to say a big thank you to you – your visit and advice has had a major impact on our scores as we have had our best ever set of Geography results. The £600 or so that I spent on your visit was the best investment of department funds that I have ever made so can you come back again for another visit!”

James Hind, Assistant Head and Head of Teaching and Learning, Bourne Academy, Lincolnshire.

Bourne Academy


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